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New themes are welcome here! Since Tiki integrated the Bootstrap CSS framework for the layout and default styling of its pages, making themes has become much faster and easier. And Bootstrap designing is familiar to many people. Tiki themes can be as simple as a default Bootstrap.css equivalent, or complex with custom Smarty template files, fonts, theme options, and so on.

Themes that are submitted for listing here need to be demonstrated at another website, such as at the author's site. But a screenshot and the theme files package must be uploaded here (this is handled in the theme submission form).

To submit a theme, go to Submit a theme and complete the form.

  • Note that the theme name must be unique; if there is an existing name, a warning will be shown at the "Theme name" input.
  • The theme submission will have a "pending" status until the details and files are checked by site admins.
  • A wiki page will be created with the same name as the theme. The page will be empty while the status is "pending".
  • After the details and files are checked, the theme's page will show the theme information, including the demo and download links.

Page last modified on Friday 19 of August, 2016 06:09:24 GMT

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