This is a read-only demo website to showcase the appearance of Tiki versions 13 to 24 (Bootstrap 3 and 4). See the most recent Tiki themes, made with Bootstrap 5, at


Twenty Sixteen Responsive

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Once again at, download links for more themes for Tiki! New themes are here for Tiki, to increase the visual appearance and layout options for site admins. More themes are in the pipeline and will be listed when they are ready, and then can be demoed at the designer's website and downloaded. See specific theme pages for all the details.

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Designers and authors, share your Tiki themes by listing them here! Nurture your karma. Increase the exposure for your business. Free-of-charge and premium themes, simple single-CSS file themes and elaborate packages with Less files and images, and anything in between - all are welcome.

Tiki's integration of the Bootstrap CSS framework has opened the door for designers to easily produce themes for the powerful, feature-filled Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware. Please see Information for authors for more details.

About Tiki's themes - overview and documentation

Note: This site has information for Tiki 13 and newer, since the integration of the Bootstrap CSS framework.
For information on previous versions of Tiki, please visit

Many sources

Any Bs Theme2

Any Bootstrap 4 style sheet can be a Tiki theme - made with Customizer, adapted from HTML or another CMS, or written from scratch.

"Up to 11*"

Tiki Extends Bs

Tiki extends Bootstrap to cover all Tiki features and multiply styling and layout options.
* What's special about "11"? This Is Spinal Tap - Up to 11

Just styling

Themes Only Surface

Tiki themes are for laying out and styling the site only. - No need to worry about affecting site security or functionality.

Tiki is mature software but steadily evolving. The latest transition includes the integration of the Bootstrap CSS Framework. Design flexibility has always been a strong point of Tiki, and this is now melded with the familiar language of Bootstrap.